RL, Harassment, Discrimination and and Wrongful Termination Case

Honestly, the experience with the firm was excellent. In order to win a case against a big company that feels untouchable and thinks there will be no consequences, it takes finding the right firm. I am happy that I found you, because I was able to enforce my rights. The way the attorneys treated me was good, all the time we worked hand in hand and I gave them all of the information I could. No doubt I would recommend the firm. You represent the Latin community very well, it is worth reaching out to you.


I want to thank PROXY LAW FIRM for their help. I had an employment issues, was unfairly fired, and my employer did not give me my breaks. Thanks to my lawyers, I was able to get paid a compensation, and it was very fast. My lawyers communicated with me to inform me about the process, and they were very kind. They also spoke to me in my own language, which is Spanish. I am very satisfied with their work and I highly recommend them. Thank you to the entire team.


I’m extremely grateful for all of your amazing work and dedication to help me. The firm is really professional and they really communicate well. I highly recommend them. Sending you all blessings and thank you for your support.

RICK, Wrongful Termination Case

How was your experience with our law firm?

The overall experience was A+. It was professional, yet they connected with you as people first. The experience left me feeling like a family member or partner.

What was your case about, and why did you need a lawyer?

My case was specific to wrongful termination/potential discrimination, after more than 20 years with an organization. I was asked to leave for reasons that did not make sense, given my performance and tenure with the organization. There were too many inconsistencies, which left me feeling horrible. I couldn’t believe this could actually happen to me with an organization I’ve trusted for so many years.

Tell us about what you liked about the communication you had with the firm?

From the initial consultation to the closing discussion I felt like they really care for my well-being first and foremost. There are high levels of emotion in situations like this, which can hinder ones ability to be logical. I’m one of those people and they had a warm and welcoming way to help me understand the options and the best path forward. The communication was professional and timely. They were always there to pick up the phone when I called, and if not, I would get a text or email back noting when they could get back to me.

How did they (the lawyers) simplify this process for you?

They were highly organized, clear and concise in their communications, and worked to quickly assess my situation. I didn’t have much work to do other than the initial summary, documents, and conversation. There were questions on the materials, but that’s part of the process.

Would you recommend our attorneys to someone else?

YES! if you have a concern, question, or feel like something bad is happening or could happen to you, give them a call. I know they will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism. I’m recommending everyone in my circle if they need the support.

J.C.H, Wrongful Discrimination & Termination Case

I want to thank Proxy Law Firm for being so amazing. I was scared and indecisive about me going through with my case but after speaking to the wonderful hardworking women at this firm I was instantly convinced that I was in the right hands and gave them my whole trust.

A little background on my case: I was wrongfully discriminated against and discharged in a terrible way at my previous job and was feeling so small and defenseless since I had never gone through anything similar to this. I’ll never forget the day that Proxy Law Firm called me and I had to give them the bad news that I was COVID positive. They assured me that they would handle this completely and that I didn’t need to worry about anything. They were so kind and understanding and extremely supportive throughout the entire case.

I thought this would be a long and stressful process but it was quite the opposite. Everything was resolved within 3 months and in my favor. I don’t know how they managed to make this such a breeze for someone as distressed as I was but they DID IT! I would most definitely recommend them to friends, family, and anyone who is in need of supportive lawyers that know how to get things done right! I hope we won’t meet again, at least not in these circumstances, but if we do I will know that I am in the best hands that I could possibly be in. Thank you so much for everything!


I’m completely satisfied with the work the firm has done.I appreciate the effectiveness and velocity of their work to defend me against the abuses of my former employer. No doubt I will recommend your firm to potential clients. The help was fast, professional, effective, and honest. I’m thankful for your help. I think my former employer won’t violate the law again, you enforced the law. Thank you, and God bless all of you who’ve made this possible.


It is a pleasure for me to do a review for Proxy Law Firm., as it was a very positive experience to work with them!

My problem was an unjustified, authoritarian and racist dismissal by a manager of an excellent company where I used to worked. I heard from Proxy Law Firm and decided to consult them, they assured me that if they did not win my case I would not have to pay anything.


Proxy Law Firm has given me bilingual assistance at all times and it is important for people to feel in full freedom to express their non-conformity or complaint. That’s very good.


The attorneys took care of everything, and only needed firm evidence from me. The process turned out favorably for me.


I recommend Proxy Law Firm 100%, it is a firm of attorneys that can assist in any case of wrongful termination at work or for racism, discrimination, authoritarianism, even in any mistreatment or threat by an employer.


Of course I would recommend them. Thank you so much, Proxy Law Firm.


I had a great experience, and I’m thankful for your help. I was looking for help because I had a problem and I felt I couldn’t deal with it alone anymore. The attorneys fought to protect and defend my rights, and kept me updated with every step of the process. They’ve helped me so much, and I am thankful for that. I would definitely recommend this firm.

Karen S.

The service you provide is extremely efficient and fast, above all reliable, I am very grateful for everything you did for me, since justice was done on the basis of law on all the labor abuses of which I was a victim. Again thank you very much for everything.

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