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These are challenging and difficult times for California workers and employees. If you have been laid off, mistreated at work, or have been denied your rightful wages and overtime pay, then Proxy Law Firm is here to help you. Proxy Law Firm fights passionately for its clients to enforce California’s labor and employment laws and hold employers responsible for violating the laws and for abusing their positions of power.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created an international crisis. As employers hastily reacted to the economic impacts the pandemic created, they may have violated employees’ rights in the process. These rights include new laws specifically enacted to protect employees impacted by COVID-19. If you were unable to work due to a COVID-19 related illness, you may be able to apply for disability insurance. Depending on your income, you may be able to receive 60-70 percent of your wages, ranging from $50-$1,300 a week for a period up to 52 weeks. In addition, if you or a family member is sick, you may be entitled to paid sick leave pursuant to California Paid Sick Leave laws or the Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). If you are eligible, you may be able to receive up to 80 hours of paid sick leave if you work for a public employer or for a private employer with less than 500 employees. If you are not eligible for benefits under the FFCRA and live in Los Angeles, you may be eligible to receive up to 80 hours of supplemental paid sick. Additionally, if you worked for your employer between March 19, 2020 and July 5, 2020 and tested positive for COVID-19 or a related illness, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Under recently enacted federal and state laws, you may be entitled to pay and benefits that you might not be aware of. Call Proxy Law Firm for a free consultation so that you can better understand your legal rights and options.

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Employment Law Practice Areas

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Laws

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the work environment and the employment status for thousands of workers in California.

Wrongful Termination 

Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up to companies who treat their employees unfairly. One of the most common ways workers are wrongfully treated is when they are fired for an unlawful reason.

Unpaid Wages, Overtime, and Other Unlawful Pay Practices

For most people, the most important part of their job is their pay. Our firm proudly represents individuals who have suffered illegal pay practices by their employers in violation of state and federal wage and hour laws. These include claims for unpaid wages and overtime, wrongful classification of employees as “exempt” or “independent contractors,” missed meal and rest breaks, unpaid reporting time, lack of suitable seating, unlawful deductions and incomplete wage statements, unpaid vacation time, and unreimbursed business expenses.

Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

We strongly believe in the fundamental principle that all employees have a legal and ethical right to a work environment free from unlawful harassment, offensive and insulting behavior, and discriminatory treatment.

Gender Equality and Equal Pay

As a female founded firm, Proxy Law Firm is committed to ensuring equality and equal pay in the workplace. California's equal pay laws prohibit lower pay to an employee because of the employee's gender,

Meal Breaks and Rest Breaks

Companies must provide uninterrupted meal and rest breaks to employees who have worked a certain number of hours during their shift. The breaks must also be provided within a certain amount of time.

Pregnancy Rights

Despite the blessings a new child brings to the world, pregnant employees face many challenges in today’s workplace, including negative treatment by their employers and supervisors who may

Disability Discrimination

Both federal and California law prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or job applicants with disabilities.

Unlawful Retaliation and Whistleblower Protections

Many employers have so-called “open door policies” that seemingly allow employees to raise concerns of unlawful conduct in the workplace

Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)

Due to the government's limited resources to enforce California’s comprehensive wage and hour laws, the Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 ("PAGA") empowers aggrieved employees to act as the proxy of the State's labor law enforcement agency.

Employment Contracts

Employers and their legal teams have a serious advantage over workers when preparing and negotiating employment agreements, severance packages, and settlement agreements, and releases.

Employees are entitled to seek various remedies and damages, including front pay, back pay, lost benefits, compensatory, and punitive damages for legal workplace violations committed by their employers. Among other laws, the California Private Attorneys General Act of 2004 or PAGA (“PAGA”) protects employees’ wage and hour rights and helps employees enforce the Labor Code in the workplace. PAGA allows aggrieved employees to bring an enforcement action on behalf of themselves and other current or former employees in a representative capacity. PAGA is truly unique to the State of California as this law essentially permits aggrieved employees who are private citizens to step into the shoes of the State Labor Commissioner to enforce California’s wage and hour laws and recover civil penalties for violation of these laws. It is important to know that unlike other employment claims, PAGA claims cannot be waived in an arbitration agreement and must be resolved through the court system. In addition, PAGA claims are subject to a one-year statute of limitations. To successfully pursue a PAGA claim, a PAGA plaintiff must send a pre-filing notice to the Labor and Workforce Development Agency (“LWDA”) prior to the expiration of the one-year limitations period. This notice must have specific facts and information regarding the claim and must also be sent to the employer. It is important for employees to be aware that employers cannot retaliate against them for filing a PAGA action.

The PAGA and the Labor Code can be complicated and difficult to understand which is why it is important to have help from an experienced attorney. If you think you may have a PAGA claim, do not wait to speak to an attorney as time is of the essence. Contact Proxy Law Firm so our attorneys can discuss the steps that you need to take in order to successfully pursue a PAGA action.

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If you believe that you have been unfairly treated in the workplace, contact Proxy Law Firm to discuss your case. Our experienced attorneys are here to help you throughout the California. Call us for a free consultation at (310) 853-8333 to discuss your case today and find out if Proxy Law Firm can obtain the resolution you need.

Proxy Law Firm’s attorneys generally work on a contingency basis meaning our clients do not pay any attorneys’ fees unless we successfully resolve their case through a favorable judgment or monetary settlement.

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Meet Proxy Law Firm’s founders and employment attorneys Hengameh S. Safaei and Rana Nader. Our passionate and knowledgeable attorneys have over 26 years of combined legal experience with a proven record for obtaining favorable results for their clients. Ms. Safaei and Ms. Nader care about their clients’ rights and are committed to helping them overcome the legal adversities they face in the workplace. Now more than ever during these unprecedented times, our employment attorneys understand the helplessness and devastation faced by workers who have been wrongfully fired, forced to endure unsafe or intolerable working conditions, or denied all of their fair pay.

Our attorneys are here to advocate for these victims and will fight aggressively to ensure that employers who fail to adhere to Federal and California employments laws are held responsible. If you have suffered wage and hour violations, been wrongfully fired, or are a victim of workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation, you have legal remedies and are not alone. Our trusted team of attorneys are available to discuss your case, answer all of your pressing questions, and provide the legal options that are available to you. Don’t hesitate to take the next step and obtain the justice you deserve. Call our team at (310) 853-8333.


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